Pre-Conference Focus Day

Tuesday June 21, 2022

All times in EDT

9:50 am Chair’s Opening Comments

10:00 am Immune Disease Panel Discussion – Developing Microbiome-Specific Translational Models

10:30 am Competitive Positioning of Microbiome-based Therapeutics within the IBD Landscape

  • Gerard Honig Director, Research Innovation, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation


  • Critical unmet patient needs in IBD
  • Overview of the broader competitive landscape for therapeutics for inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Opportunities for differentiated microbiome-based therapeutics and precision medicine approaches in IBD

11:00 am Morning Refreshments

11:30 am Human Microbial Lectins

  • Louis Cohen Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai


  • Understanding the role of lectins in host-microbe interactions
  • Human microbial lectins are abundant, diverse and almost completely uncharacterized
  • Human microbial lectins have the potential to be developed into novel therapeutics

12:00 pm Development and Manufacturing of Synthetic Biology-Based Microbiome Immunotherapies


  • Modulating the immune response by leveraging the microbiome-host interaction
  • Highlight critical steps in developing novel synthetic biology-based microbiome drugs
  • Transitioning a microbiome product from pre-clinical to clinical stage

12:30 pm
Morning Immune Disease Deep Dive Round Table Discussions

1:00 pm
Refreshments & Networking Opportunities

2:00 pm Ancillary Clinical benefits of SER-109 in patients with CDI: Beyond recurrence

  • Barbara McGovern MD Senior Advisor Medical Affairs & Clinical Development, Seres Therapeutics

2:30 pm Unlocking Access to Secondary Metabolites through Cell-free Systems


  • How to scale up a cell-free approach to expressing novel chemicals
  • What cell-free systems could mean for the gut microbiome field
  • Summary of comparable approaches and why cell-free stands to win

3:00 pm Early Preterm Infant Microbiome Impacts Adult Learning

  • Jing Lu Research Professional , University of Chicago Medicine


  • Preterm infant microbiome development
  • Early preterm infant microbiome impacts adult learning
  • Potential mechanisms-systemic inflammation and BBB

3:30 pm Translational Precision Probiotics: From Concept to Marketing


  • ImmuneBiotics™, new probiotic products designed with pharmaceutical precision
  • Translational success of GutMagnific® – a multi-targeted therapeutic microbial consortium – from the lab to the clinic and to the commercial market
  • Clinical evaluation of GutMagnific® in patients with post-viral fatigue – a condition considered as a long-term effect of COVID-19

4:00 pm Close of Focus Day