Boston Analytical

Boston Analytical

Lead Partner: 

Boston Analytical, the Life Sciences Division of Alpha Analytical, is a cGMP compliant, FDA/DEA registered, ISO/ IEC-17025:2005 certified analytical laboratory located in Salem, NH. We can provide all of the identity, purity and potency analyses necessary to characterize your microbiome product. Boston Analytical has a proven track record with sponsors on a variety of Microbiome programs including both Spore Fraction and Defined Drug Product manufacturing processes. We employ Labware Inc’s™ LIMS & ELN software with on-line data access for your convenience.

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Arranta Bio

Expertise Partner:

Arranta Bio is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specifically established to focus on serving companies seeking to develop and commercialize therapies targeting the human microbiome. With a ten-year legacy as Captozyme, Arranta’s has a proven track record with 125 species in process development and contract manufacturing of live biopharmaceuticals, and provides the resources necessary to help clients to deliver promising new microbiome therapies to meet the needs of patients.



Expertise Partner:

Bacthera, a CDMO located in Switzerland and Denmark, was founded to enable the Live Biotherapeutic Industry realize the therapeutic value of LBP's. We do so by supporting our customers with microbiology know-how, process expertise and industry changing innovation from pre-clinical to commercialization, from start-up to multinational pharma company, with best-in-class process technologies, strictly anaerobic strain handling and experienced staff. In sum, Bacthera actively work to de-risk the growing LBP industry with frictionless CMC development services and manufacturing solutions.



Expertise Partner:

CosmosID®, based in Rockville, MD, provides award-winning Next-Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics solutions for unlocking the microbiome through rapid identification and characterization of microorganisms for pharmaceutical R&D, molecular diagnostics, public health, food safety, agriculture, and environmental applications.

DNA Genotek

Expertise Partner:

DNA Genotek Inc., CoreBiome and Diversigen are subsidiaries of OraSure Technologies,
Inc. (NASDAQ: OSUR), and provide high-quality biological sample collection products and
comprehensive services for microbiome sample processing, sequencing, and bioinformatic
analysis. The company’s OMNIgene product line immediately stabilizes microbiota samples, ensuring an unbiased ‘snapshot’ of the microbial community. Selfcollection kits for stool, oral, vaginal and animal sampling are available. We also offer a complete suite of microbiome services, through CoreBiome and Diversigen, including sample processing, wet lab and bioinformatics analysis.


Quay Pharma

Program Partner:

Quay Pharmaceuticals is a privately owned CDMO working from FDA and MHRA inspected facilities. We are licenced to formulate and manufacture finished dosage forms for live biotherapeutics as well as small large molecules. In the live biotherapeutic space we work with consortia and single strain for drug delivery in oral, pessary and topical formats. Working as part of your team we rapidly and effectively bring products through development to First in Human studies to deliver success. We have worked on more than 50 plus strains from Phase I to Phase III projects and we are currently preparing for Commercial project.



Program Partner:

Bio-Me is transforming microbiome analysis, making it possible to analyze hundreds of fecal samples in less than a day, with high resolution and reproducibility and at an affordable cost. Combined with our exclusive biobank and extensive patient database, Bio-Me’s Precision Microbiome Profiling platform (PMP) will enable microbiome-based Companion Diagnostics and discovery of novel drug targets to improve health and well-being worldwide.


Biose Industrie

Innovation Partner:

Biose Industrie is the world leading fully integrated CDMO for LBP process development and production of both drug substance & Drug Product. We have nearly 70 years’ experience of developing and producing bacteria under full GMP pharma conditions. We’ve produced many strict anaerobes in large industrial volumes for later stage clinical trials and currently service a large share of the LBP market place upon the back of the excellent results we have offered for our clients.

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List Biological Laboratories, Inc.

Innovation Partner:

Since 1978 List Biological Laboratories, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of bacterial products for research. Leveraging decades of experience growing microorganisms, List Labs offers GMP manufacturing of Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP) for clinical trials. We have developed products for many microbiome companies from technology transfer through GMP production, including cultivation of aerobic, anaerobic and spore-forming bacteria. List Labs is your ideal full service CDMO, with the flexibility and expertise to customize a successful development path for your microbiome product. Contact us to discuss your project soon!

Loop Genomics - Partner

Loop Genomics

Innovation Partner: 

Loop Genomics is a DNA sequencing company with a vision to provide products that deliver
the most complete and accurate drug development microbiome data. Loop technology meets the critical need for high-resolution phylogenetic data using long-read sequencing and single molecule abundance quantification, with an innovative approach that transforms existing short-read sequencing machines. Our longread single molecule microbiome sequencing products enable drug development R&D pipelines to discover previously inaccessible metagenomic information at unprecedented scale, while leveraging their existing sequencing systems and workflows.

Vaiomer - 2021 Partner


Innovation Partner: 

Based on its pioneering research on the role of tissue microbiota in the initiation of the inflammatory cascade leading to metabolic disorders, Vaiomer vocation is to contribute to the studies of disease mechanism, in clinical and basic research to discover innovative biomarkers, therapeutic targets and products. Vaiomer offers a unique platform to study the microbiome of low bacterial load samples (human or animal: blood, liver, brain, adipose tissue, muscle,
bone marrow, MLN, bile, ascites and more).


Anaerobe Systems

Exhibition Partner: 

Anaerobe Systems has over 40 years of experience specializing in manufacturing pre-reduced anaerobic culture media, anaerobic transport media, and anaerobic chambers for the cultivation and transport of anaerobic organisms. We specialize in producing customized media formulations to meet our customer’s unique requirements and have a range of standard products that support the growth of human microbiota. Anaerobe Systems manufactures and sells anaerobic chambers which provide an oxygen free environment for manipulation and growth of anaerobic organisms.

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Fluid Air

Exhibition Partner:

Fluid Air has established itself as an innovator in developing equipment for the modification and creation of powders and particles, and provider of customized solutions to solid dosage process challenges across several industries including; pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, foods, fine chemical & cosmetics. PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryers can produce small-scale samples with minimum product loss, making research of new products more efficient and cost-effective before committing to full-scale testing. PolarDry® utilizes electrostatic technology which drives water to the shell and active to the core, lowering the evaporation temperature and eliminating active ingredient loss, degradation, or denaturalization, resulting in stunning encapsulation efficiency.

Human Metabolome Technologies - Innovation Partner

Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT)

Exhibition Partner:

Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT) is a quantitative and comparative profiling metabolomics company focused on solutions for research and quality control. HMT uses CE/MS and LC/MS technologies in combination with sophisticated statistical informatics and database
searching to perform metabolite identification and biomarker discovery in pharmaceutical, agricultural, nutritional and food industries.