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Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Forum for Microbiome Drug Developers

The microbiome-based therapeutic market is rapidly evolving, and it's more important than ever to showcase the efficacy of microbial-based approaches beyond C. difficile.

In 2023 we provided in-depth insights into the interactions between the microbiome and metabolic pathways, host-microbe relationships in novel preclinical models, and the application of microbial-based biomarkers in clinical endpoints and diagnostic settings. Our sessions also covered the mechanistic rationale behind combination therapies, new smart clinical trial data, and GMP compliant manufacturing for stable products.

Join us to gain practical insights and move your live biotherapeutic through the clinic towards approval in 2024 by registering your interest here.

Improved understanding of the mechanistic function of the microbiome, focusing on outlining specific modes of action of live biotherapeutic and small molecule approaches 

Optimized clinical outcomes with improved trial design and leveraging previous successes, as well as through stratifying patients through clinically relevant biomarkers 

Achieved a consistent production supply, with purity and scalability at the forefront of our minds to address the growing production demands