Pre-Conference Focus & Workshop Day
Wednesday June 28, 2023


Bio Convergence of Analytical Technologies to Increase our Optics on Microbes & Build Industry Credibility

8:30 am Microbial Bioinformatics: The Key to Unlocking the True Power of the Microbiome

9:00 am Panel Discussion: Maximising Multi-Omics Technologies with Software & Engineering to Support Evidence Generation

10:00 am Program Partner: Clinical Microbiomics


Workshop A:

8:30 am Expediting Microbiome Biomarker Discovery Using Precision Taxonomy
Hosting Partner: ExBiome

Morning Break & Speed Networking

11:00 am Assay Development & Validation: Bioburden Testing, Safety & Potency Assays

11:30 am High-resolution Analyses of Associations Between Medications, Microbiome and Mortality in Cancer Patients

12:00 pm Panel Discussion: Leveraging Sophisticated Microbial Bioinformatics & Analysis in Securing Investment

Workshop B:

11:00 am Exploring Advancements Across Translational Research


1:30 pm Integrating Molecular Tools & Bioinformatics to Engineer the Next Generation of Live Microbial Biotherapeutics

2:00 pm Harmonizing Novel Analytical Tools to Speed up Process Characterization in Manufacturing

2:30 pm Roundtables: Reproducibility and Standardization

Workshop C:

1:30 pm Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape Post Approval

Afternoon Break

3:30 pm Exploring Analytical Techniques and Bioinformatic Technology Used in Novel Diagnostic Testing

4:00 pm Mass Spectrometry-Based Bioanalytical Methods

4:30 pm Defining Microbes Present & Their Functionality at a Higher Resolution with Pioneering Imaging Software & Spatial Analysis

Workshop D:

3:30 pm Leveraging Microbial Metabolites as Postbiotics

End of Pre-conference Day