Post-Conference Workshop Day
Wednesday October 21, 2020



9:00 - 11:30

12:00 - 14:30

The Human Microbiome and the Immune System – The Pathway to Disease Causation?

Interactions between the immune system and the human microbiome may play a pivotal role in understanding the underlying mechanisms that dictate causation. In addition to this, there is increasing evidence which suggests that the microbiome is become a critical predictor of response to several therapeutics, including cancer immunotherapies. Despite this promise, the link between microbial populations and the immune system is still poorly understood.

Attend this workshop to gain expert insights into:

• The current research literature and translational evidence that links the human microbiome with immune system modulation across several therapeutic areas including cancer, pancreatitis and IBD

• The immune pathways that alter/or reverse the course of disease progression

• Identifying new immune-based therapeutics targets that may drive innovate therapeutic development

Developing Microbiome-Based Therapeutics for Infant Diseases

With a global rise in incidences of immune disorders, childhood-onset diabetes and childhood obesity, the causal link between the maternal-infant microbiome and health outcomes provides researchers with a unique window of opportunity for new products and solutions that target the early gut microbiome. Join a leading paediatric clinician and drug developer at this unique pre-conference workshop to get a deep dive into the mechanisms, challenges and opportunities when developing microbiome-targeting therapeutics during the first 1000 days of life.

Attend this workshop to gain expert insights into:

• The role of FMT for IBD in paediatric populations

• Immune-driven mechanisms that help drive infant microbiome modulation with positive health outcomes

• The unique challenges of developing microbiome-targeted therapeutics in vulnerable patient populations

• Efforts into creating preventative health tools across several diseases which have early on-set across infant populations

Sara Ferrando Martinez1

Sara Ferrando Martinez

Research Scientist


Nikole Kimes

Nikole Kimes

Co-founder and CSO

Siolta Therapeutics

Aida Habtezion

Aida Habtezion

MD Principal Investigator

Stanford University

Stacy Kahn1

Stacy Kahn MD

Attending Physician

Boston Children’s Hospital

Nikki Klatt

Nikki Klatt

Associate Professor Paediatrics

University of Miami