9:00 am Regulatory and Clinical Considerations for LBPs

9:30 am Updates from the Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group (MTIG) – Building a Collective Voice to Enhance the Regulatory, Investment and Commercial Success of Microbiome-Based Therapeutics

10:00 am Meeting the Supply Needs of the Microbiome Sector

10:30 am A Trifecta in Microbiome Advancements: Expectations from the Partnership of Diversigen, Corebiome and DNA Genotek

11.00am Morning Break & Networking

Track A: Pre-Clinical Development & Mechanistic Analysis of Microbiome-based Therapeutics

Track B: Clinical Translation, Manufacturing and Commercialization of Microbiome-based Therapeutics

Track C: Microbiome-based Biomarkers, Bioinformatics and Patient Stratification

Introducing the Era of Engineered Microbes


11.30 Genetically Engineered Microbial Medicines (GEMMs) for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Will DeLoache, Co-Founder & CSO, Novome Biotechnologies



12.00 Using Genetically Optimised Microbes to Target the Microbiome-gut-Brain Axis in Neurological Drug Development

Christopher Reyes, CEO, Bloom Science


12.30 Delivery of Biomolecules to the Mammalian Gut Using Engineered Probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii

Nathan Crook, Assistant Professor – Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, NC State

Manufacturing and Scaling the Microbiome Continued


11.30 Building a Strategic Partnership to Effectively Scale and Manufacture Microbiome-based Therapeutics

Adrien Nivoliez, CEO, Biose Industrie


12.00 How to Lyophilize a Live Bacteriotherapeutic Product? 

Yogesh Mudaliar, Research Investigator Drug Product Development, Takeda Pharmaceuticals


12.30 Collection, Preservation, and Storage of Microbiota
Samples for Culture Recovery

Steve Cox, President, Anaerobe Systems


Microbiome Drug Metabolism


11.30 Human Microbiome Signatures of Differential Drug Metabolismt

Libusha Kelly, Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine




12.00 Understanding the Kinetics of Bacteria-Mediated
Drug Metabolism of PrEP Drugs

Nikki Klatt, Associate Professor Pediatrics, University of Miami


12.30 Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Drug Metabolism

Shirley Tsunoda, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

1.00 pm Lunch and Networking

Subtractive Therapeutics that Target the Human Microbiome


14.00 Customized Phage Therapies for Chronic Disease

Assaf Oron, Chief Business Officer, BiomX



14.30 No GUS, No Glory: Microbiome-Targeted Small Molecule Drugs to Prevent NSAID-Induced Intestinal Injury

Jeffrey Hymes, Scientist, Symberix



15.00 Developing CRISPR-based Microbiome Drugs to Selectively Eradicate Target Bacteria

Eric Van der Helm, Head of Synthetic Biology & Bioinformatics, SNIPR Biome



15.30 Progress in Antibody-Mediated Modulation of Microbiome Event Cascades

Julius Goepp, Founder & CEO, Scaled Microbiomics

Defining Alternative Clinical Pathways to Microbiome-based Therapeutics


14.00 Clinical Development for the First and Only Medical
Probiotic for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Colleen Cutcliffe, Co-founder & CEO, Pendulum


14.15 The Microbes in our Food and Their Potential to
Become Health Solutions

Gerardo Toledo, Co-Founder & CEO, Solarea Bio


14.30 Gut-Brain Axis Mechanism of Action and Clinical
Results on a New Probiotic Strain for the Regulation
of Appetite and Weight Management

Gregory Lambert, CEO and VP R&D, TargEDys


15.00 Panel Discussion: How is the Human Microbiome
Creating a New Opportunity in Product Development
for the Pharmaceutical Sector?

Mohan Iyer, Chief Operating Officer, Pendulum Therapeutics

Luc Sterkman, CEO, Caelus Health
Gregory Lambert, CEO and VP R&D, TargEDys
Gerardo Toledo, Co-Founder & CEO, Solarea Bio
Colleen Cutcliffe, Co-founder & CEO, Pendulum Therapeutics


15.30 End of Session and Close of 5th Microbiome
Movement - Drug Development Summit 2020

Challenges of Bioinformatics & Data Integration


14.00 Systems Biology Approaches and Challenges for
Host-Microbiome Studies

Gunjan Singh Thakur, Senior Scientist Computational Biology, Merck Exploratory Science Center



14.30 The Human Microbiome Outperforms Genome-wide Association Studies in Predicting Human Disease

Alexander Kostic, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School



15.00 Building Bioinformatic Models to Translate the Human Microbiome into Actionable Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Yangcong Zhang, Postodoctoral Fellow Huttenhower Lab, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


15:30 End of Session and Close of 5th Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Summit 2020

4:00 pm Close of 5th Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit 2020