"In a field with many conferences of varying quality, the Microbiome Drug Development Summit consistently delivers substantive and compelling conversations and a collaborative vibe, whether in person or virtually."
Gerard Honig, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation


"I am excited in sharing knowledge of potential new avenues for drug discovery in oncology"
Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, Micronoma


"This is a unique opportunity to learn on advancements in the microbiome space, especially on new clinical data"
Jonathan Solomon, BiomX

BiomX Logo

"Engaging with other thought leaders in the microbiome space"
Diwakar Davar, Hillman Cancer Center

Hillman Cancer Center

"The Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Summit is a reference in the microbiome field, so I am very proud to participate to this meeting to talk about microbiota protective therapies on behalf of Da Volterra, a trusted acknowledged leader in the promising and evolving microbiome field!"
Jean De Gunzburg, Da Volterra


"Attending this meeting allows me to connect with peers and colleagues in the field, and to showcase the work being done by Ferring to move microbiota-based technologies closer to approval. Our goal is to serve the patients and physicians in need, and meetings like this allow us to find new and innovative ways to approach care as well as presenting our example of leading development."
Paul Plumb, Rebiotix, a Ferring Company


"The role of the microbiome in health and disease is an area of increasing research interest, however we are still just scratching the surface of its potential. This meeting brings together leaders in the microbiome field."
Taylor Cohen, AstraZeneca


"We find it very valuable to interact with the industry and learn on advancements in the field"
Asaf Oron, BiomX

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"Bridging the gap between industry and academia, benchtop is bedside is always of tremendous value. This type of interdisciplinary conference also enables groups to interact with others in fields outside of their expertise, which often leads to innovations and fruitful collaborations."
Julia Drewes, John Hopkins University School of Medicine

John Hopkins University School of Medicine

"Detailed characterization of the inter-influential roles of the microbiome on the host immune system is critical as more and more microbiome targeted drugs and therapies are being evaluated in the clinic for various indications. I hope to add value to this meeting by bringing my unique experience and expertise in designing and developing microbiome centric pre-clinical & clinical studies."
Gokul Swaminathan, Merck Exploratory Science


Merck Exploratory Science

"When a new scientific discipline is born, there is an initial natural history phase, where explorers map out the contours of the unknown. For the past couple of decades, we have characterized the form and function of microbial ecosystems in and on the human body. Now, with this wealth of information serving as a foundation, we have entered into a new phase of testing targeted mechanistic hypotheses for how our microbiota contribute to the etiologies of diseases. With a recent slate of successful clinical trials for microbial therapeutics, I believe the next several years will be an exciting time for translating microbiome science into 21st Century medicine. I’m excited to learn more about these translational advances at this conference."
Sean Gibbons, Institute of Systems Biology

Institute of Systems Biology