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Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Forum for Microbiome Drug Developers

As therapeutic approvals shape the microbiome based therapeutic market, it is evident that now more than ever, demonstrating utility of microbial-based approaches beyond C. difficile are spearheading the industry.

With deep dives into interactions of the microbiome between metabolic pathways and the immune system, establishing host-microbe relationships in novel preclinical models, applying microbial-based biomarkers as clinical endpoints & in diagnostic settings, mechanistic rationale behind combination therapies within existing treatment paradigms, new smart clinical trial data and GMP compliant manufacturing for stable products, each session will be your opportunity to gain practical insights on progressing your live biotherapeutic through the clinic and towards approval.

Improve understanding of the mechanistic function of the microbiome, focusing on outlining specific modes of action of live biotherapeutic and small molecule approaches 

Optimize clinical outcomes with improved trial design and leveraging previous successes, as well as through stratifying patients through clinically relevant biomarkers 

Achieve a consistent production supply, with purity and scalability at the forefront of our minds to address the growing production demands 


Hear What the Microbiome Community Says

"By bringing together experts in the field who are approaching this challenge from
every angle, we can synergistically accelerate unleashing the complete therapeutic
power of the microbiome

Emily Drabant Conley, Federation Bio

I am excited about the opportunity to discuss openly with key stakeholders in our field the next frontiers we collectively see and the most critical challenges we face in translating our research to the clinic

Stephanie Culler, Persephone Biosciences