Microbiome Drug Development Searchlight Breakfast Taster:
How can we align on key criteria for determining engraftment and how important is this for microbiome therapeutics?

Time: 7:00 am
day: Conference Day Two


  • Join Microbiome Drug Development Leaders at the Omni Hotel Seaport’s Observatory (5th floor, Patron Tower), for a session that has been built exclusively for microbiome drug development experts to share their experience on this topic in a structured way and gain a better understanding of how others are viewing and tackling this key challenge.
  • Despite the success of FMT as an effective treatment strategy for recurrent infections with Clostridium difficile, the factors that promote engraftment of individual strains has remained elusive and there is some disagreement on the importance of engraftment in microbiome therapeutics.
  • There are some in the field that believe that engraftment is not a quantity you want as this allows you to have control over microbial exposure.

Please enquire with Searchlight@hansonwade.com to join this free to attend session.