Microbiome Multi-Omics – Combining Metagenomics and Metabolomics Promotes Microbiome Research

Time: 12:05 pm
day: Day One - Track A - 1


  • The incorporation of targeted Metabolomics as a microbiome analysis tool has become a leading tool to understand the functional interaction between the microbiota and their host or environment.
  • Integrating amplicon or shotgun metagenomic analysis, together with targeted metabolomics, can provide new insights into this interaction. Here using a novel multi-omics approach, we optimized high-throughput methods for taxonomically and functionally characterizing diverse microbial communities in the combination with profiling analysis of the metabolites occupying their microbial environment.
  • Our multi-omics solution includes an easy-to-use web bioinformatics platform, M-CAMPTM (Microbiome Computational Analysis for Multi-omics Profiling), which will enhance the power of your data and accelerate microbiome research.