June 20-22, 2018
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2018 Commercial Partners

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Expertise Partner

Accelerate and transform your research across the entire project lifecycle and capitalize on the diverse opportunities of the microbome. Diversigen provides comprehensive microbiome, metagenomics, host genetic services, customized study design, and complex data analysis – all focused on solutions to improve human and animal health, environmental conditions, and agriculture production worldwide.

Building on the research conducted at the Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research at Baylor College of Medicine, the company has established a reputation for expertise, quality, and customer focus. Diversigen is platform agnostic and provides flexible sequencing, advanced bioinformatics, and the capacity to handle difficult sample types.



Clinical Microbiomics

Expertise Partner

Clinical Microbiomics is specialized in microbiome metagenomics and innovative bioinformatics concepts. We offer end-to-end microbiome research services for clinical and pre-clinical research including DNA-extraction, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics. Our proprietary metagenomics platform provides our partners with leading capabilities to analyze and interpret microbiome metagenomics data.

With our pioneering Metagenomic Species Concept (MGS) and the most extensive collection of deep-sequenced human, infant and mouse gut samples, we capture up to 80% of the microbiome diversity, which greatly supersedes normal reference-based methods. This provides our clients with a market-leading platform for studying the microbiome in relation to health, disease and treatment interventions. In addition, it allows for diverse applications, such as biomarker and drug target discovery, disease etiology investigation and subject stratification. With our range of advanced bioinformatics tools and experience in big data integration, we are able to move from association studies to mechanistic insights on microbiome metabolism and dynamics.




Expertise Partner

CoreBiome is a genomics platform company focused on accelerating discovery for customers in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and research communities, to unleash the translational potential of the microbiome.  The Company’s proprietary BenchMark™, BoosterShot™, and Core Analysis™ platforms provide a rapid and high-resolution measurement and interpretation of microbial diversity.  The recently launched BoostArray™platform provides an ideal method for the characterization of strain libraries. CoreBiome was founded in 2016 based on intellectual property originating from the University of Minnesota. The founding team has collective experience processing and analyzing hundreds of thousands of microbiome samples.


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Boston Analytical

Expertise Partner

Boston Analytical, the Life Sciences Division of Alpha Analytical, is a cGMP compliant, FDA/DEA registered, ISO/IEC-17025:2005 certified analytical laboratory located in Salem, NH. We can provide all of the identity, purity and potency analyses necessary to characterize your microbiome product. Boston Analytical has a proven track record with sponsors on a variety of Microbiome programs including both Spore Fraction and Defined Drug Product manufacturing processes. We employ Labware Inc’s™ LIMS & ELN software with on-line data access for your convenience.




Expertise Partner

NIZO is world leading in contract research for better food and health. We believe food and health are closely connected. Moreover we are convinced that working closely with our customers, leading food and health companies, is the only road to success. For pharma, (functional )ingredient, nutraceutical and personal care companies  companies we perform discovery, development programmes and clinical trials related to gut health, oral health and skin health with a specific focus on microbiome modulation.



Charles River

Program Partner

For more than 70 years, Charles River has seen technologies advance and new diseases emerge. By carefully cultivating our portfolio, our growth has become a continuous strategic effort in anticipating tomorrow’s drug development needs. As a result, our microbiome services have continued to grow to meet demand. Clients can purchase germ-free mice, submit samples for health surveillance, or outsource their microbiome studies to us.


 Quay Pharma Campture logo

Quay Pharma

Program Partner

Quay Pharma is experienced in formulation development and is one of very few companies licensed to provide clinical manufacturing materials containing live bacterial strains being targeted for delivery to, and in, the digestive, urogenital, otorhinologic and pulmonary tracts. Understanding the client dosing requirements for the live biotherapeutic, Quay can prepare a formulation development strategy to bring your live bacterial strain rapidly and effectively to First in Man studies aiming to provide a formulation with the best chance of clinical outcome.



Program Partner

DNAnexus combines expertise in cloud computing and bioinformatics to create the global network for genomics. DNAnexus provides security, scalability, and collaboration for organizations pursuing genomic-based approaches to health, in the clinic and in the research lab. DNAnexus works directly with organizations to tackle some of the most challenging and exciting opportunities in human health, making it easier – and in many cases feasible – to work with genomic data. The future of human health is in genomics. DNAnexus brings it all together.




Industry Partner

Microbiotica is transforming personalised medicine with leading microbiome science, identifying gut bacteria linked to patient phenotype with unprecedented precision for the discovery of novel microbiome-based medicines and biomarkers of drug response.

Microbiotica was spun out of Trevor Lawley’s Lab at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and is founded on a unique pipeline for culturing and genomically characterising the entirety of the bacteria in the human gut for the first time. It has the world’s largest microbiome genome database and culture collection, a suite of translational in vitro and animal models, and state of the art bioinformatics and AI. The company has a focus on IBD and Immuno-Oncology, and a program in C. difficile which is spearheading innovation in development of live bacterial products.




Hosting Partner

HGF Ltd are one of Europe’s largest firms of IP specialists and the second largest in the UK. The firm has offices in the UK and mainland Europe which offer an integrated IP solution of, patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors to provide a full service IP solution for clients. HGF offer the full range of services expected from leading patent and trademark attorneys and solicitors, but it is our dynamic approach to oppositions and appeals, strategic portfolio development and acquisition due diligence that distinguishes HGF within the IP marketplace.



DNA Genotek Inc

Innovation Partner

DNA Genotek Inc focuses on providing high-quality biological sample collection products and end-to-end services for microbiome. Our OMNIgene product line for gut, oral, vaginal and animal sampling and our GenoFIND™ services, a complete suite of microbiome services including wet lab and bioinformatics analysis, provide solutions for every step of your microbiome research, from sample to answer. DNA Genotek markets its products and services worldwide and has built a strong customer base in academia, biotechnology, molecular diagnostics, agriculture, and consumer genomics over the last 12+ years.




Innovation Partner

ProDigest is a product leader in the development of unique laboratory models of the human and animal gastrointestinal tract (SHIME®). These models allow to obtain unique insight in gut processes associated to the intestinal fate of actives and to study the complete gut microbiome under controlled conditions. ProDigest is globally active as a service provider for food and pharmaceutical companies and installs its technology in selected R&D facilities around the world. Furthermore, ProDigest has set up a number of product development projects in relation to the gut microbiota management and novel biotherapeutics




Innovation Partner

LuinaBio is Australia’s most experienced biopharmaceutical CDMO’s with 20 years’ experience in our field. We perform GMP bio-manufacture of

  • Aerobic bacteria and yeasts
  • Anaerobic bacteria
  • Recombinant proteins & vaccines
  • Human & veterinary products
  • Material for pre-clinical, clinical & market.

More specifically Luina carries out microbial aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, yeast fermentation, cell banking, vaccine production, process development, analytical services, stability studies, storage and distribution of investigative material for clinical studies.


Cosmos ID


Innovation Partner

CosmosID®, based in Rockville, Maryland, is a genomics big data company focused on rapid identification of microorganisms for pharmaceutical R&D, molecular diagnostics, public health, food safety, agriculture, and environmental applications. The CosmosID platform uses proprietary sequence analysis algorithms to accurately profile all microorganisms in a metagenomic sample employing next-generation DNA sequencing.


SynCo Bio Partners

Innovation Partner

SynCo Bio Partners B.V. is a world leading GMP contract manufacturer focused to support its customers with clinical and commercial supply with:

  • Microbial drug substance manufacturing;  live microbial biotherapeutics, vaccines, proteins and polysaccharides
  • Aseptic fill and lyophilization of a wide variety of biologics

SynCo has more experience than any other CMO to support a live microbial project.  Our commitment to quality management and approval by several international authorities ensures regulatory compliance and patient safety for clinical and commercial development worldwide. You can trust us to make it right.


Biose Industrie

Innovation Partner

Biose Industrie is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), specialised in Live Biotherapeutic Products. Founded in 1951 by pharmacists and microbiologists, Biose Industrie has been manufacturing drug substance and drug products based on microorganisms for 60 years. Company, with 10 000m² of GMP facilty, offers product development at laboratory and pilot scale specialised in microbiology for aerobie and anaerobie strains and is Drug GMP certified for the manufacturing of API, clinical batches and commercial products.


 Most Current Logo

List Biological Laboratories, Inc.

Exhibition Partner

Since 1978 List Biological Laboratories, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of bacterial products for research. With our extensive experience growing microorganisms, List Labs now offers GMP manufacturing of Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP) for phase clinical trials with experience developing products for several microbiome companies from tech transfer through GMP production.  With extensive experience with cultivation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, production of master cell banks, and lyophilization development, List Labs is your one-stop shop for your next microbiome project.



Exhibition Partner

Medpace is a scientifically-driven, global, full-service clinical CRO providing Phase I-IV clinical development services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Medpace’s mission is to accelerate the global development of safe and effective medical therapeutics through its high-science and disciplined operating approach that leverages local regulatory and deep therapeutic expertise across all major areas including oncology, cardiology, metabolic disease, endocrinology, central nervous system and anti-viral and anti-infective. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Medpace employs approximately 2,500 people across 35 countries.



Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH

Conference Partner

Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH is a leading company specializing in the production of rare functional monosaccharides and oligosaccharides for nutritional, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical applications.The company produces rare monosaccharides such as L-Fucose and Sialic Acid. It also manufactures an extensive portfolio of HMO’s such as 2‘-Fucosyllactose, 3‘-Fucosyllactose, Lacto-N-tetraose, Lacto-N-neotetraose and acidic HMO’s like 3‘-Sialyllactose and 6‘-Sialyllactose. Jenneweins human milk oligosaccharides are produced using the latest fermentation technology.This manufacturing process is based on scientific research and ensures a high quality of the product.







Media Partner

SelectScience® is an innovative online publisher within the science industry, providing vital information to scientists around the world through rich content and trusted reviews. The SelectScience team is passionate about promoting scientists and their work, as well as enabling online conversations to help accelerate critical research and scientific excellence.



Media Partner

Pharmaphorum media is the premier digital publisher of thought leadership relating to the pharmaceutical industry. The news, opinions and insights published every day help industry executives better understand the broader healthcare landscape within which they operate, including regular contributions from their peers, innovative service providers, physicians, payers / policy makers, patient organisations and patients. Core channels include pharmaphorum.com, our new digital journal Deep Dive and a highly engaged social media audience through multiple platforms.


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