June 27-29 2017

Boston, MA

About Event

The role played by microbes in an array of infectious diseases has been known for over a hundred years. With recent contributions from large scale initiatives including the NIH Human Microbiome Project, significant technological advances in sequencing methodology and privately funded backing, the human microbiome has become a realistic therapeutic intervention in treating disease.

Despite a unified goal of creating safe, effective and commercially-viable therapeutics that directly impact the microbiome in treating disease, there are currently a diverse array of approaches adopted by industry to achieve this.

Being part of Microbiome Drug Development Summit gives you the opportunity to get unprecedented access to the latest preclinical, clinical and commercial case studies from the brightest minds in biopharma and academia to turn microbiome discoveries of today into patient therapies of the future.

Key Benefits of Attending

Identify Druggable Targets for Microbiome-Therapeutic Development

Sophisticated research has shown how the microbiome (gut, oral, vaginal, skin etc) can provide alternative approaches to known target, as well as elucidating new targets.

Case Studies Include:

  • Mining the Microbiome for New Therapeutic Candidates for Chronic Diseases

Karim Dabbagh, CSO, Second Genome

Use Improved Preclinical Models for Drug Discovery

To answer key questions in safety, efficacy and dosing regimes, a preliminary characterisation has to be assessed using a combination of In vitro/Ex Vivo, computational and animal models.

Case Studies Include:

  • Rethink the Preclinical Paradigm to Identify Promising Therapeutic Candidates

Xavier Maniere, Head of Preclinical Development, AMAbiotics

  • Exploring the Contribution of the Microbiome to Immune Responses

Dario Gutierrez, Immuno-Biology Lead, Merck

Design safe and effective Clinical Trials

Despite the importance of gathering clinical data to support microbiome development, there are still huge questions surrounding best practice in designing and monitoring successful clinical trials.

Case Studies Include:

  • Developing a Successful Clinical Trial & Manufacturing Program for Effective Treatment against Lactose Intolerance

Michael Step, CEO, Ritter Pharmaceuticals

  • The Next Generation Microbiome Clinical Trial

Zain Kassam, Chief Medical Officer, OpenBiome

Understand the expanding regulatory framework for Microbiome claims

Explore the key considerations and challenges in overcoming an undefined regulatory environment whilst critically reviewing the need to create industry standards.

Case Studies Include:

  • Panel Discussion: Is There a Regulatory Framework That Is Relevant for the Microbiome?

Panel Moderator, Mark Bodmer, CSO, EveloBiosciences

  • Business, Regulatory and Clinical Challenges in Bringing Microbiota based Drugs to Market

Lee Jones, CEO, Rebiotix

Hear Novel Methods in Raising Investment to Accelerate Therapeutics Efforts

Navigate the current investment landscape within an emerging microbiome market and outline a roadmap to building and sustaining a successful therapeutics company.

Case Studies Include:

  • Identifying Traits to Successful Financing for Next Generation Microbiome Companies

David Donabedian, CEO, Axial Biotherapeutics

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