June 19-22, 2018

Boston, MA

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Why choose the Microbiome Drug Development Summit

The role played by microbes in an array of infectious diseases has been known for over a hundred years. With recent contributions from large scale initiatives including the NIH Human Microbiome Project, significant technological advances in sequencing methodology and privately funded backing, the human microbiome has become a realistic therapeutic intervention in treating disease.

Despite a unified goal of creating safe, effective and commercially-viable therapeutics that directly impact the microbiome in treating disease, there are currently a diverse array of approaches adopted by industry to achieve this.

Being part of Microbiome Drug Development Summit gives you the opportunity to get unprecedented access to the latest preclinical, clinical and commercial case studies from the brightest minds in biopharma and academia to turn microbiome discoveries of today into patient therapies of the future.

Why Join the ‘Microbiome Movement’?

Using insight gained from the most successful microbiome organizations across the globe, the only end to end drug development meeting is back to help accelerate emerging and well established companies discover, develop and deliver a new generation of microbiome-based therapeutics.

What’s New?

A dedicated forum in tackling the challenges of developing a microbiome-based therapeutic, Microbiome Drug Development Summit will use industry case studies to develop your knowledge around four core areas of therapeutic advancement:

  • Scientific Activities- Translating microbiome data into a succesful health-care product
  • Clinical Activities- Obtaining decisive human data in a safe and timely manner
  • Regulatory Activities- Outlining clear regulatory paths that guarantee success
  • Financial Activities- Maximising shareholder value and sustaining growth
  • We have also introduced NEW 15 minute sessions for more focused discussions around the principles of developing therapeutics.

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